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How To Get An Internship

Whether you are looking for the summer internship in Fashion Design, Fashion Styling, Fashion Merchandising or you are just generally interested in fashion careers I created my top 10 tips on fashion internships.

I had 3 internships before I ever landed my first job in the industry. Internships are so important for getting your feet wet and getting an understanding of where you would like to take your career. You may think that you want to work for a fashion PR firm, and if you land an internship with a great company in your area in PR it will get you the background knowledge you need to pursuit jobs in PR after school. Maybe you would find out that you don't love PR as much as you thought you were going too after your internship- That's totally OK! You can get an internship focused on a different facet of the fashion industry!

Over the years I have started and ran a few internship programs at the companies I have worked for and I have a pretty good idea of what will get you hired! Here are all of my tips for landing a summer internship in the fashion industry: #1 Experience Matters #2 Clean Up Your Social #3 Get Your Resume Ready #4 Personalize Your Cover Letters #5 Apply Apply Apply #6 Use Your Student Counselor #7 Research More #8 Use LinkedIn #9 Perfect Your Practice Interview #10 Nail The Follow Up

Do you have other questions on how to get an internship? Did I miss any tips based on your internship experiences? I would love to hear from you. Please send me your questions and I will make sure to get back to you!


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