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Common Mistakes On Resumes | Resume Tips 2017

Common Mistakes On Resumes | Resume Tips 2017 // Top 10 mistakes seen on resumes | Style Your Career By Kathleen Ross In this video I will be sharing some of the worst resumes mistakes I see on resumes. I have years of experience hiring talent for my teams and I've seen thousands of resumes. I have continually seen many of these mistakes on resumes even in 2017. By fixing these quick mistakes you have a better chance at landing the interview. So here are the mistakes: #1 Errors on your resume #2 Including your address #3 Including your graduation dates #4 Being too lengthy or too brief #5 Incorrect format and over designing the layout #6 Lying #7 Not customizing your application #8 Resume is more the one page #9 Objective section is irrelevant #10 Including non relevant experience or hobbies Do you have any resume pet peeves? I would love to hear from you! Please give this video a thumbs up if you liked watching it, really helps me to know! I would also love to hear about your dreams to start your career in the fashion industry and what questions you have about job search! Please comment below. SUBSCRIBE to my channel and click on the bell to get notified when I post new videos! -------------------- Let's Connect! Style Your Career is SOCIAL instagram: @StyleYourCareer facebook: @StylingYourCareer email: Linkedin:

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